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What is SeedingSocial?

SeedingSocial is a micro venture capital structure relying on social networks and proprietary innovative processes to promote entrepreneurship and build a pipeline of fundable projects, select the most promising ventures to present to a wider audience and finance its deal flow through its network of investors.

What is our vision?

We create the perfect place for entrepreneurs to expose their venture projects to investors looking for promising business opportunities in need of funding.

We look at startup situations and based on the business project's maturity, we either enable entrepreneurs validate their venture projects or enable companies optimize their strategic plans. With SeedingSocial, entrepreneurs are more effectively raising capital, positioning their brand and marketing their offering.

What is the target audience of SeedingSocial?

SeedingSocial is open to investors (private, angel, institutional) and entrepreneurs who want to play an active and direct role in the decision making process.
We also seek affiliation with professional social communities sharing similar interests and goals and promoting entrepreneurship and venturing through the backing of innovative venture projects.
Using investment selection tools, tailored processes and procedures, we present investors with a selection of fundable ventures and help them make informed decisions. Similarly, we present entrepreneurs with a powerful and intuitive access to funding from interested parties sharing their long-term business goals.

Why raise money through SeedingSocial?

SeedingSocial innovative and collaborative approach provides inherent and unique benefits scarcely available in more traditional investment circles.
Entrepreneurs joining SeedingSocial community benefit from a powerful and intuitive access to funding. Investors in our community gain access to a high quality pipeline of fundable business opportunities. Our pro-active management coupled with expert mentoring programs complement our ecosystem.
These value-added service offerings assist our community members mitigate risks, increase their visibility in the marketplace - all to optimize business potential.

At which stage and in which sectors SeedingSocial invests?

SeedingSocial invests in innovative companies in their early stages. We mainly consider projects in the Internet industry at large, as well as mobile, gaming, social software and telecom applications. Our objective is to invest in capital-efficient companies and accelerate revenue generation and profitability.

Will other fields of investment be considered beyond the ones stated?

To ensure the high quality of our pipeline of fundable venture projects, our sectorial involvement is mapped to areas of expertise well served by the fund management team.
We invite entrepreneurs to submit their project proposals, as we continuously expand our areas of interest and expertise or may recommend alternative funding channels.

In which countries does SeedingSocial invest?

SeedingSocial sees deals mainly from Europe, Israel, the US and Canada. Our aim is to invest in virtually any country in the world. Technically, we either do our investments directly or through a carefully selected international network of affiliates with whom we share a common vision, values, procedures and methodologies.

What is the size of a typical investment?

SeedingSocial sources funds for companies in amounts up to US $500,000. A company either raise its necessary funds from one investor or from a consortium of both institutional and private investors in a socially cooperative model.

Does SeedingSocial do follow-on investments in portfolio companies in later rounds?

Building a high value portfolio and capitalizing on privileged contacts with more traditional venture capital and private equity funds, we facilitate follow-on investments to ensure the same level of support and commitment to entrepreneurs. It is a risk management measure to guarantee the commercial viability of the ventures we back and to ensure higher returns to our investors and stakeholders.

What is SeedingSocial capital and fee structure?

SeedingSocial is following an open-fund model, which implies a hybrid capital structure mixing funds under management and pledged funds socially collected by project following a concert-voting procedure.
This fund structure commands fees in line with common industry practices.

For further information on this topic, we invite you to Contact Us.

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How to get funding from SeedingSocial?

As an entrepreneur, the first step for you is to Sign Up and complete your profile, providing detailed information about yourself, the founding team and the venture project.

We will carefully review your project and submit it to our screening and pre-validation process. In all cases, we will contact you in a timely manner providing a very thorough answer, detailing the steps to follow and the reasons behind any decision.

I want you to sign a NDA before I disclose my idea, is this possible?

SeedingSocial's nature and working processes added to the fact that we see a high volume of venture projects restrict us from signing NDAs.

Our team and our processes are at the core of our business model and we are passionate about delivering the right support to all participants to the SeedingSocial ecosystem.

If you have any concern with exposing your idea at this stage, we will gladly hear it at a later stage when you are more confident about your project.

We invite you to review our Privacy Policy.

How long before I get an answer about a potential investment?

We pride ourselves in our thorough screening and pre-validation process. We are providing very detailed answers and recommendations to every entrepreneur's inquiry.
The inherent value is first and foremost to ensure meaningful assistance to our community of entrepreneurs resulting in a very high quality pipeline of deals and ultimately higher returns to our investors and stakeholders.
We are moving fast and dedicate ample time to execute our thorough decision process, which can typically take between 2 to 4 weeks to complete. We will work with you not only providing explanations about our decisions but also helping you bridge the gap to turn your venture project into a viable and profitable business opportunity worthy of our community attention and investment dollars.

I work alone and I have no team. Can you support me?

While we will consider your project for screening, we strongly encourage you to put together a motivated and skilled team complementing crucial needs of early-stage businesses. Ultimately, it is the SeedingSocial community of investors that you will have to convince in order to gain their backing and support. You should bear in mind that investors at the seed stage invest in people. The team is therefore paramount to guarantee success in your endeavor.

We are a great team but have no project. Can you help us?

That is the essence of the social network built around SeedingSocial. If you are not registered yet, please Sign Up.
As a member of SeedingSocial community, you have the opportunity to promote your reputation and let the network work its way.
We are here to assist you every step of the way and to ensure proper mechanisms are in place and enforced to maximize the benefits from such a model.

We do not want funding but would like the help of your network and communities. Is this possible?

The essence of SeedingSocial and the mechanisms built around its communities meeting-place are for the purpose of community promotion of entrepreneurship and investing. Added-value services that make our model powerful and efficient are available to our portfolio companies and to screened and pre-validated venture projects that are seeking funds through our channels.

Can I initiate contact with specific investors?

While we supervise our communities, we encourage such initiative and resulting interactions, as we believe in close relationships fostering collaboration. Successful funding revolves around the development of mutual interests that are obtained through direct contact.

What if I need more than US $500,000 to develop my business?

We invest primarily in venture projects that require capital up to US $500,000 to reach marketability and profitability. For the pre-qualified venture projects, we invest by raising initial or seeding money from our fund and through our social channels.
For follow-on financing, once your project has created added and measurable value, more traditional channels will be involved. Using our close ties to the global investor and risk capital community, we are here to support and guide you through every stage of the investing process.

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Can I invest in any venture project I select?

Investors can invest in any fundable venture project they select from a pool of project candidates they are exposed to.
This exposure follows a process matching selection criteria based on preferences stated in the profiles of both the investor and the entrepreneur presenting his venture project.

Can I invest in multiple ventures in parallel?

Subject to the matching selection criteria terms and conditions, investors can invest in multiple fundable venture projects thus constituting personal venture investment portfolios.

For further information on this topic, we invite you to Contact Us.

Which projects are fundable through concert voting?

Part of the validation process is to assess funding requirements and match them to the funding target stated by the entrepreneur.
Project ventures needing up to US $100,000 may be submitted to a concert voting mechanism allowing private investors to invest in small increment and share the future potential of the venture.
For project ventures needing larger amounts of funds and up to the capital amount of US $500,000, concert voting loses its attraction and therefore such fundable candidates are open to super angels and institutional investors.

I am an investor and I would like to invest in SeedingSocial. Is this possible?

As any other venture, SeedingSocial relies on external sources of funds to finance its operations and growth.
Generally speaking and in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest, SeedingSocial does not rely on its investor community for its internal funding needs.
Under exceptional circumstances, we may consider such requests or the support of our community members who may facilitate transactions with external sources of funding for SeedingSocial.

For further discussion on this topic, we invite you to Contact Us.

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Processes and Procedures

How does SeedingSocial evaluate a project?

SeedingSocial evaluation process leverages the management team extensive sectorial and functional expertise to assess and challenge a project's model assumptions and to ensure risk factors are accounted for.
We provide comprehensive and detailed answers to entrepreneurs and we formulate unbiased analysis as to the project's strengths and areas of opportunities. Our recommendations are very thorough and include how to potentially address any challenge.

How is SeedingSocial evaluation process unique?

The involved and collaborative nature of the evaluation process is our strength and main differentiator.
To ensure a high quality flow of fundable venture projects, when presented with bright and innovative ideas, we invest time, effort and resources in assessing opportunities and in helping entrepreneurs fine-tune their venture projects or complete their proposals.

How does the Investor – Venture matching process work?

The matching process follows strict profile-matching methodologies aiming to optimize a fundable venture project exposure to interested investing parties. We make informed investment recommendations to our investor community based on sectorial affinity, functional contribution, available funds and other proprietary criteria.

Which processes are in place to ensure post-funding implication?

Tailored processes for governance, risk and compliance to market as well as industry rules and regulations are in place and acted upon post investment.
Elected board directors are here to ensure compliance to these processes and are also responsible for updating business procedures, and dynamically addressing the changing market conditions.
These board directors are either assigned by election in the case of institutional investors or by proxy of SeedingSocial fund managers in the case of minority investors.

Mentoring programs, strategic consulting and interim management services are available to entrepreneurs needing such professional resources and guidance.
For more information on the service offerings, we invite you to Contact Us.

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